Wyndham Grand Bursa



Noyan Hotels

36.237 m2





Wyndham Grand Bursa offers a captivating accommodation experience, spread over 36,000 square meters with 247 rooms. The hotel’s design language embraces the dynamic impact created by contrasting colors. Dark tones add an extra layer of prestige to the space, while the harmonious blend of wood and metal creates a modern and sophisticated atmosphere. Abstract art pieces prominently featured throughout the hotel enrich the design with artistic and aesthetic value. The rooms are spacious and designed to allow guests to utilize all amenities functionally, ensuring every stay is memorable and relaxing.

The definition of luxury and elegance is embodied in this design, strengthened by metal and brass details. Wyndham Grand Bursa aims to make guests feel both luxury and simplicity at every corner. Elegant details and thoughtfully designed elements are evident throughout the hotel. Designed to provide a comfortable stay, this hotel combines modern aesthetics and functionality, promising a unique experience for its guests. With its high standards and unique design, Wyndham Grand Bursa creates unforgettable memories for its visitors.


Wyndham Grand Bursa captivates its guests with its elegant details. The dynamic harmony of contrasting colors and the prestigious atmosphere created by dark tones are evident in every corner of the hotel. The perfect blend of wood and metal creates a modern and sophisticated feel, while abstract art pieces add aesthetic richness. The luxurious design, enhanced by metal and brass details, provides an elegant and refined touch throughout the hotel. Spacious and functional rooms offer comfort and convenience to guests, with every detail thoughtfully designed to provide an unforgettable accommodation experience.


The rooms at Wyndham Grand Bursa offer a unique ambiance that reflects the perfect harmony of elegance and comfort. The prestigious atmosphere created by dark tones is complemented by the stylish blend of wood and metal. Spacious and airy rooms, adorned with the nuances of modern design, combine luxury and functionality in every detail. The elegant touches of metal and brass details create a sophisticated feel in the rooms, designed to meet every need of the guests. These rooms provide an ideal sanctuary for guests seeking tranquility and comfort.


The brass and metal touches in the furniture details of the rooms at Wyndham Grand Bursa highlight the elegance and sophistication of the design. These fine details add a luxurious atmosphere to the rooms while reflecting the nuances of modern design principles. The perfect harmony of brass and metal creates an environment that is both aesthetically rich and functional. These details enhance the comfort of the guests and significantly influence the overall ambiance of the rooms. This meticulously thought-out design provides guests with an unforgettable and prestigious accommodation experience.



Each shot showcases the sophisticated atmosphere of the rooms and common areas, highlighting modern design elements and aesthetic touches. These impressive photos best represent the hotel’s unique ambiance and comfort, offering guests a glimpse of an unforgettable accommodation experience.