Kemer Country Wood House




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Kemer Country Wood House is a residential project inspired by the natural beauty of Istanbul’s lush surroundings, seamlessly integrating with the verdant landscape of Kemer Country. The project features extensive use of wood materials and a color palette dominated by earth tones and green, offering a natural aesthetic. This triplex villa stands out with its simple yet striking design details, embracing a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Large windows and spacious terraces bring the outdoors in, allowing residents to feel connected to nature at all times. The materials selected under principles of sustainability and environmental sensitivity enhance the home’s ecological and aesthetic appeal.

Kemer Country Wood House offers a prestigious and elegant living environment while creating functional and practical spaces. Designed with smart solutions to facilitate family life, its expansive living areas provide the key to a comfortable and peaceful lifestyle. The use of natural wood details in the living room, kitchen, and other areas enhances the home’s warm and inviting atmosphere. Large doors opening to the garden allow for uninterrupted views of the natural surroundings, offering safe play areas for children and relaxation spots for adults. Kemer Country Wood House presents an ideal living space for families seeking a modern, comfortable life in close connection with nature.


The dining area at the heart of Kemer Country Wood House is designed to be more than just a place for meals; it is a space where family dinners and gatherings with guests take place around a large, impressive dining table. This area serves as a social hub where family and friends come together, share memories, and strengthen bonds. On a human scale, the spacious and comfortable dining table offers an inviting environment where everyone can sit and enjoy their time together. Gathered around this table, family members and guests can relish the warm and welcoming atmosphere while feeling connected to nature.

From a design perspective, the dining area establishes a transparent connection with the natural surroundings, seamlessly merging the interior space with the outside world. Large glass panels and sliding doors open the dining area to the garden and the surrounding greenery, allowing the beauty of nature to be experienced during meals. The use of wood materials and a natural color palette ensures that this space is in harmony with the rest of the home, emphasizing a sense of naturalness and sustainability. These design elements make the dining area stand out both aesthetically and functionally. The special dining area at Kemer Country Wood House enhances family meals and social gatherings, enriching the overall quality of life within the home.


At the heart of Kemer Country Wood House lies a spacious and impressive kitchen area, adorned with the warmth and natural beauty of wood. Meticulously designed to meet all the needs of the family, this kitchen seamlessly blends modern functionality with natural aesthetics. Expansive countertops, high-quality wooden cabinets, and large windows that allow natural light to flood in highlight the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and practicality. Enriched with a natural color palette and sustainable materials, the kitchen transforms cooking and spending time with family into a delightful experience. This space is designed not only as a kitchen but also as a central hub where the family can spend time together, share memories, and facilitate the flow of daily life.


The bedrooms at Kemer Country Wood House, both for parents and children, are meticulously designed to meet all needs with an elegant yet simple design approach. These rooms offer a harmonious blend of style and functionality, ensuring a serene and comfortable living experience. The parents’ bedroom exudes sophistication with its tasteful decor and thoughtfully chosen furnishings, providing a tranquil retreat. Meanwhile, the children’s rooms are designed to be both playful and practical, with ample storage and adaptable spaces that grow with them. Natural materials, soothing color palettes, and abundant natural light create an inviting atmosphere, making each bedroom a perfect sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation.



The 3D design visuals of Kemer Country Wood House are rendered in photo-realistic quality, vividly bringing the project to life. These stunning visuals eloquently convey the essence of the design, showcasing every intricate detail and the harmonious blend of natural materials and elegant aesthetics. From the warmth of the wooden finishes to the seamless integration with the surrounding greenery, each image captures the serene and sophisticated atmosphere intended for this unique home. The realistic renderings provide a comprehensive preview, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in the envisioned living spaces, appreciating the meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design that define Kemer Country Wood House.