HYDE Hotel Bodrum


Muğla Bodrum

Accor Hotels

24.584 m2





HYDE Hotel Bodrum invites guests to a unique vacation experience with its “festival chic” concept. Designed exclusively for the adult age group, this dynamic hotel combines modernity and simplicity in its spacious and airy areas, while bringing the festival spirit to life with vibrant colors and a lively atmosphere in its common spaces. Offering top-notch service quality, unforgettable moments with special events, and restaurants that cater to every hour of the day, HYDE Hotel Bodrum promises a memorable stay. It calls out to those who feel young and energetic at heart, wishing to blend the excitement of a festival with the joy of a holiday. Set yourself free and embrace the magic of the festival spirit!


HYDE Hotel Bodrum offers a unique vacation experience with its private beach and nature-integrated location. Nestled in an exquisite geography where blue meets green, it allows guests to explore the natural beauty surrounding them. HYDE Hotel stands out not only with its modern and dynamic design but also with its strong connection to nature. This special setting provides peace and tranquility, making every moment of the vacation unforgettable. Surrender yourself to the embrace of nature and rejuvenate your spirit in the unparalleled atmosphere of HYDE!


At HYDE Hotel Bodrum, every space is meticulously designed to ensure a comfortable and relaxing vacation. Each area is conceived to be vibrant and functional 24/7, allowing guests to enjoy continuous, top-quality service. The restaurants and communal areas are crafted to provide not just exceptional dining experiences, but also to immerse guests in a sense of ongoing enjoyment and festivity. Every corner of HYDE pulses with energy and comfort, inviting guests to indulge in the perfect blend of leisure and entertainment at any hour of the day or night.


Modern Comfort

The rooms at HYDE Hotel Bodrum are designed not only to reflect the vibrant spirit of the hotel but also to provide unparalleled comfort and convenience for guests. Every detail has been thoughtfully curated to ensure that all needs are met, offering a perfect sanctuary for relaxation. From modern amenities to elegant simplicity, each room embodies a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Guests can immerse themselves in the unique ambiance of HYDE while enjoying a space that caters to their every comfort, ensuring a truly memorable stay.



The stunning photographs of HYDE Hotel beautifully highlight the elegant design and unique atmosphere of the property. Each shot captures the dynamic and modern spirit of the hotel, showcasing the comfort and aesthetic details offered to guests. These visuals strikingly present the unparalleled vacation experience and nature-integrated location that HYDE provides. Every photograph reflects the captivating ambiance and high-quality service of the hotel in the most impressive way, turning guests’ dream vacations into reality.