Swissotel Marianske Lazne


Czech Republic


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Embracing the Old with the New

Situated in Marianske Lane, this 5-star hotel emerges as a respectful nod to Prague’s historical texture by renovating five century-old buildings with a contemporary architectural approach. The historical character of the building has been preserved, yet enriched with modern innovations. These five structures are interconnected with aesthetic and functional bridges, ensuring easy access for guests and creating architectural cohesion. The distinct design of the building successfully marries its historical value with modern comfort and luxury.


Where Health Meets Comfort

The interiors of the hotel are designed not just for aesthetics and luxury, but also with health and well-being in mind. The natural health benefits provided by the thermal water are offered to guests in the hotel’s spa and wellness areas. Using natural stone, wood, and a warm color palette, an atmosphere conducive to both relaxation and healing has been crafted. The rooms are equipped with modern and functional furniture and feature private bathrooms designed to maximize the benefits of the thermal water.


Healing from The Depths of History

The hotel accentuates the health benefits of its thermal water, offering guests both a comfortable stay and a therapeutic experience. Water sources are naturally extracted from beneath the building and directed to the hotel’s spa center. This feature offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in Prague’s historical texture while also benefiting from modern health and wellness amenities.

Functionality is one of the cornerstones of our hotel. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered to meet the demands of contemporary living and to provide maximum comfort for our guests. With amenities like advanced technology, high-speed internet connection, and smart room systems, our visitors stay in an ideal environment for both work and entertainment.



Swissotel Marianske Lazne is a luxurious hotel located in the historic and naturally beautiful Marianske Lazne. This project combines local architectural elements with modern design principles to offer a unique accommodation experience. The hotel’s interiors are enriched with details that prioritize comfort and aesthetics, promising peace and elegance in every corner. Our project preserves the natural texture and cultural heritage of the region while embracing an innovative approach in line with global trends. We invite you to explore this unique atmosphere through the captivating photographs of Swissotel Marianske Lazne.