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Swissliving Bodrum is a unique boutique hotel designed by the Swissotel brand, interpreting city life with a modern touch and prioritizing comfort. This 58-room boutique hotel offers guests a unique accommodation experience with its design language specific to Bodrum. Swissliving combines tranquility and peace with an earthy and nature-inspired color palette, providing easy access to all amenities. The hotel’s spacious and comfortable rooms aim to offer an unforgettable comfort for guests whether they are on vacation or business trips in Bodrum.

Swissliving Bodrum stands out with its impressive design details. It welcomes its guests in an atmosphere where exquisite meals and comfortable accommodation meet. Blending the cultural and natural elements of Bodrum, the hotel integrates modern city life with nature. Swissliving promises its guests not just a stay but an experience that will be remembered with joy every moment.


The lobby and reception area of Swissliving Bodrum captivate guests with an impressive first impression. Shaped with a modern design language, this area combines art pieces, sculptural furniture, and natural greenery to create a unique atmosphere. The striking art pieces in the reception area inspire guests with their aesthetic and artistic touches, while carefully selected trees and greenery bring the freshness of nature indoors. Sculptural furniture offers a visual feast and comfortable seating areas for guests to relax. These enchanting design elements ensure an unforgettable welcome experience for guests at Swissliving Bodrum.


The moodboard of Swissliving Bodrum blends the elegance of modern design with the natural beauty of Bodrum. Enriched with an earthy and nature-inspired color palette, art pieces, sculptural furniture, and greenery, this moodboard promises a serene and comfortable atmosphere for guests. This aesthetic approach, felt in every corner of Swissliving Bodrum, combines sophistication with natural elements.


The impressive rooms of Swissliving Bodrum perfectly blend comfort and elegance. Notable for their spacious and airy designs, the rooms are enriched with modern furniture and carefully selected decorative elements. Inspired by nature, the color palette and earthy tones create a serene atmosphere, while the artistic touches and natural light in each room offer guests a unique accommodation experience. Whether you are on vacation or a business trip in Bodrum, the rooms at Swissliving Bodrum are designed to ensure every moment of your stay is enjoyable.



The impressive visuals of Swissliving Bodrum perfectly capture the elegance and beauty of the hotel’s design. Each frame highlights the harmony of modern touches and natural elements. These visuals intricately showcase the artistic details, comfortable spaces, and the nature-inspired color palette, revealing the unique atmosphere of Swissliving Bodrum and the exceptional experience it offers to its guests.