Novotel Gaziantep



Accor Hotels

1220 m2





Blending the historical texture of Gaziantep with a modern lifestyle, Novotel Gaziantep, part of the Accor Hotels brand, offers guests a unique accommodation experience as a mid-sized city hotel. The overall design concept of the hotel was brought to life with a colorful and dynamic approach. The use of contrasting colors in the space reflects the hotel’s youthful and energetic spirit. The strong synthesis of wood and ceramics in the interiors brings together traditional and contemporary elements, providing a prestigious look. This harmony is felt in every corner of the hotel, while the details thoughtfully designed to meet all the needs of the guests ensure a comfortable stay.

The hotel’s 92 rooms, adhering to the general design language, offer a warm and inviting atmosphere. Each room is decorated with modern lines and vibrant colors, prioritizing comfort and functionality. Enriched with wooden furniture and ceramic details, the rooms enhance the guests’ relaxation moments. Moreover, this design language, evident throughout the hotel’s spaces, is designed to meet the expectations of guests from different age groups. Novotel Gaziantep stands out as an ideal choice for both business trips and tourist visits, providing guests with a prestigious and comfortable accommodation experience.


The reception area at Novotel Gaziantep is designed to be a welcoming and visually captivating space, setting the tone for the guest experience. The dynamic use of contrasting colors and bold patterns creates an inviting and energetic ambiance. Sleek wooden elements seamlessly blend with elegant ceramic finishes, evoking a sense of both tradition and modernity. The lighting design highlights the architectural features, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Comfortable seating areas with vibrant upholstery provide a cozy yet stylish waiting area for guests. This thoughtfully curated reception area not only reflects the hotel’s design philosophy but also ensures a warm and efficient welcome for every guest.



The photographs of Novotel Gaziantep perfectly capture the elegant and modern design of the hotel. The images highlight the comfortable and stylish ambiance of the rooms, as well as the dynamic and impressive details of the reception area. The colorful and contrasting decor elements in the common areas emphasize the comfort and aesthetics offered to guests. Each photograph showcases the prestigious and comfortable experience that the hotel provides to its guests.