Mesa Kent Etiler




2695 m2





Core of City

The project will be realized in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, a central and dynamic location in the city. The area hosts a prestigious target audience, including high-income business people, celebrities, and expats, which is a significant factor considered in the design of the project. This social facility is planned as a place where people can rest and rejuvenate amidst their busy work life. In this context, the main goal of the project is to provide luxurious and comfortable spaces where they can escape the stress of the city and find peace while engaging in social interactions. In line with this objective, the project includes various social facility services such as a restaurant, gym, swimming pool, basketball court, and reading areas.


The design approach adopts a simple yet modern style, with a focus on aesthetics and functionality. This facility, which will be built on a total gross area of 2695 m2, aims to enhance the comfort and satisfaction of users in every detail. Equipped with modern architectural elements and high-quality materials, this social facility will be visually impressive while meeting all the functional needs of users. The project aims to offer a living space that appeals to the high-income group in the area, exceeding their expectations, and bringing a new breath of life to Beşiktaş’s social scene.


This social facility is designed to offer guests unparalleled comfort and ease. The soft color palette and high-quality materials used in the interiors create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while modern furniture and ergonomic designs ensure users feel comfortable at all times. Spacious and airy areas, bathed in natural light, provide both mental and physical refreshment. Quiet reading corners, tranquil spa areas, and a stress-relieving gym offer special spaces where guests can escape the intensity of daily life and relax. This facility not only provides luxury but also a peaceful and enjoyable experience, making guests feel right at home.



The standout features of this project include modern and functional design, the use of high-quality materials, and a variety of social facility services. The project aims to meet the diverse needs of users by offering a wide range of amenities such as a restaurant, gym, swimming pool, basketball court, and reading areas. Additionally, the spacious and bright interiors are equipped with natural light and ergonomic furniture, providing an exceptional experience in terms of both aesthetics and comfort. The benefits of the project include offering a luxurious and comfortable living space where users can escape the stress of the city and find peace, while also engaging in social interactions.