Mercure Hotel


Mercure Hotel Trabzon is designed to reflect the historical atmosphere of Karadeniz where one can find cultural elementsand representations such as colors of the nature, Anatolian patterns and ornaments in the design details.

Location: Trabzon

Client: Mercure

Year: 2020

Type: Hotel

Area: 2000 m2

To create an atmospheric experience,
color plays an important role in the design
process. While building a strong connection
with the enviroment, the steps to take was to
get sycnronized with regional climate, and the
seasonal color variations in nature which
effects the diversed color palette.

One of the key visuals in the design process is
“Trabzon Keşan” pattern which mainly used for
women’s garments in the region, having a significant
role and meaning in a historical context. While using
Keşan pattern, which we applied on textiles and wall
panels in a modern way, is supported -not only local but
regional elements- also with Anatolian rug ornaments.

The local well-known “Keşan” pattern is an inspirational point for our design perspective. Therefore by repeating this cultural element we make a visual connection with the hotel and the city it represents and carry this cultural wealth to future generationswith a modern twist.

Lady Bug Project, built on eight acres of land, became the modern face of the Aegean with its pleasant ambiance that can be experienced in summer. The same harmony was achieved in 4 blocks created without breaking the integrity in the project designed with a contemporary approach. A living space harmonizing with many different moods were focused in the guest house, a kitchen, living room, master bedroom and study room designed independently of each other. The main materials consisting of glass, stone, concrete and wood and natural textures were brought together with modern architecture.