Liberty Lykia



Özyer Group

13.000 m2





Heart of Lykia

This hotel offers a harmonious concept at the heart of Fethiye’s unique Lycian region, integrated with its breathtaking nature. The design prominently features natural elements; local stone and wood structure the overall space, while the color palette of the rich surrounding nature dictates the interior color choices. Despite the overall modern and minimalist feel of the hotel, simplicity is not compromised. Comfortable and functional furniture provides a modern touch while also carrying the peaceful atmosphere of nature into the interior. Every corner of the space is designed with respect for the natural beauty of the region; large glass surfaces and expansive open areas make it possible to view the impressive Lycian scenery from any point. The hotel welcomes its guests with a concept that is in harmony with nature, offering elegant tranquility and modern simplicity.


Connecting Nature

Upon arrival, guests of this hotel in the heart of Fethiye’s Lycian region are immediately enveloped by a profound sense of tranquility. The elegant blend of modern simplicity and local natural elements creates a serene atmosphere that allows guests to unwind and disconnect from daily stress. The design fosters a deep connection to the region’s traditions and landscapes, enhanced by ever-present stunning vistas through large windows and open spaces. The minimalist, yet comfortable furnishings further contribute to the tranquil setting, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. Ultimately, the hotel offers not just a visually appealing environment, but a restorative experience that leaves guests feeling refreshed and deeply connected to the natural world.


Healing from The Depths of History

The hotel accentuates the health benefits of its thermal water, offering guests both a comfortable stay and a therapeutic experience. Water sources are naturally extracted from beneath the building and directed to the hotel’s spa center. This feature offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in Prague’s historical texture while also benefiting from modern health and wellness amenities.

Functionality is one of the cornerstones of our hotel. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered to meet the demands of contemporary living and to provide maximum comfort for our guests. With amenities like advanced technology, high-speed internet connection, and smart room systems, our visitors stay in an ideal environment for both work and entertainment.



The stunning photographs of Liberty Lykia Hotel beautifully highlight the elegant design and unique atmosphere of the property. Each shot captures the dynamic and modern spirit of the hotel, showcasing the comfort and aesthetic details offered to guests. These visuals strikingly present the unparalleled vacation experience and nature-integrated location that Liberty Lykia provides. Every photograph reflects the captivating ambiance and high-quality service of the hotel in the most impressive way, turning guests’ dream vacations into reality.