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The concept developed for the Elite World Hotels brand, “Go by Elite World Hotels,” stands out as a budget-friendly three-star city hotel specifically designed for young travelers and dynamic business guests. The striking combination of gray and electric blue in the design, enriched with leather and earth tones, creates a youthful and energetic atmosphere. The spacious and transparent reception area includes a modern restaurant, lobby bar, and specially designed workspaces for business travelers. Technological amenities provided in every corner of the hotel enhance guests’ comfort and efficiency. The restaurant offers enjoyable coffee accompaniments throughout the day, and the impressive lobby bar serves as a social gathering spot in the evenings, enriching the hotel’s social living areas.


The reception area of “Go by Elite World Hotels” is designed to be a vibrant social hub where guests can enjoy their time to the fullest. Featuring expansive, transparent spaces, the area seamlessly integrates a modern restaurant, a lively lobby bar, and dedicated workspaces for business travelers. The open design encourages interaction and relaxation, with comfortable seating arrangements and inviting decor in shades of gray and electric blue. The lobby bar serves as a perfect spot for evening socializing, while the restaurant offers delightful coffee accompaniments throughout the day. This thoughtfully designed reception area ensures a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all guests.


he rooms at “Go by Elite World Hotels” are designed with the same vibrant energy, combining a simple yet stylish and modern aesthetic with functionality. The gray and electric blue color palette creates a dynamic and inviting atmosphere. Each room is meticulously crafted to ensure guests enjoy a comfortable stay, offering all the necessary amenities within an elegant and contemporary setting. This thoughtful design guarantees a rejuvenating and pleasant experience, making every stay memorable.



The impressive 3D renders of “Go by Elite World Hotels” vividly capture the hotel’s vibrant concept, making them appear almost photorealistic. These renders effectively convey the dynamic design elements, from the striking gray and electric blue color scheme to the inviting social spaces and stylish guest rooms. Each image showcases the meticulous attention to detail and innovative design, offering a captivating preview of the exceptional experience awaiting guests.