Interior Architect Yesim Kozanli celebrates her 20th anniversary!

Yesim Kozanli, who continues to undertake successful works with her left experience and designs, left behind her 20th year in the sector.

Interior Architect Yesim Kozanli, serving in the interior design projects and applications fields, performed a service to many prestigious projects with Robin’s Design. We talked to Yeşim Kozanlı, who said that it is necessary to plan the interior design projects with the architectural projects at the same time, about the projects and the sector.

1- Ms. Yesim, can we recognize you? When and how did you enter the design world?

I graduated from Bilkent University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in 1994. After my graduation, in the first years of my professional life, I  started my career in my company by conducting interior architecture, project and application works in the American offices such as Microsoft and Cisco, the housing project of Mexican Embassy, many stores and restaurants. Then, we continued our career to specialize in hotel projects. We proceeded to work on projects and application areas with Robin’s Design, which was established by me,  with my team of architects and interior architects who are experienced in their fields and have high knowledge in design development. We perform interior design projects and application works in hotel, residence, office and villa projects. We have performed many hotel projects and application works, mainly 80% in the international chains, for the last 15 years, so place designs and hotel  projects are actually more interesting for me.

2- Can you tell us about your progressing projects?

We are currently building 2 shopping centers in Crete and Marrakech. We are also building a thermal spa hotel project in the Karlovy Vary region in Prague. What excited us was the launch of Smart By Dedeman 3 months ago. We have 2 villa projets in Istanbul and a villa project in Bodrum. Wyndham Grand Bursa, which is one of our most enjoyable projects, is a very enjoyable hotel project. This hotel project, which will give a new imulse to Bursa, is a hotel project with 247 rooms and a closed area of 35 thousand square meters. We have been designing this project for a year. I guess it will operate in 2019 or 2020. We designed another tea house concept called Doctor Tea Co Cafe and this project has been going on for three years. We opened a tea house in Dubai and two tea houses in Ankara and we try to make a new Turkish brand an international brand with our employer and we enjoy being in this team.

3- What are the new trends? Do the current trends reflect on your projects?

Fashion and architecture are influenced by one another, which in fact affects textiles, ceramics and other building materials. Apart from this, there are original, cultural and ethnic textures this year, but if you ask me the last time there is a return to Avant-garde modernity. In other words, living spaces are in the foreground instead of very modern ones. In the color and material part, there are oil greens, shades of blue and a little return to nature in addition to our classic colors this year. Of course, technology has been the most effective element for us in recent years. We, designers always interact with the visual arts in every activity around us. For example, it is not possible for my brother who is a chef to be impressed by the visuality of a dinner plate made by my partner Bilal Mert.

New generation hotel brand Smart By Dedeman

We have been working with the Dedeman Hotel brand for many years. Dedeman Group, which created the first Turkish hotel brand, wanted to create a new brand with its new generation and investor-friend hotel project again, so we created Smart By Dedeman with Dedeman team and our project group. We have been involved in the whole design process of this project for two years. A hotel that new generation will use white collar. Y generation behaves very differently. Namely, they act according to social media. Briefly, investors, operators are a seriously advantageous hotel brand for the new Y generation. Dedeman’s own knowledge and the power of its brand that has been formed for years, combined with our design and emerged a very pleasant hotel brand. We are very happy and proud to experience this process and to be a part of this innovative project process. We will be be in many cities since this year. We will meet with investors from many countries and different cities in the country.

We will be in a useful and comfortable segment for the younger generation.

Our projects which ended in 2016 and are still continuing:

Wyndham Grand Hotel / Bursa
Novotel Zeytinburnu / Istanbul
Ambiente Hotel / Prague / Karlovy Vary
Smart By Dedeman Hotel / Istanbul
GEBKİM Hotel / Gebze Organized Industrial Zone / Istanbul
Durosac Town Villa / Hotel / Shopping Center / Romania
Pullman & Mercure Hotels Spa Project
Crete & Morocco & Vietnam Shopping Center
Ladybug House / Bodrum
Blend Office / Macka Armani Residance
Doctor Tea Co Cafe Ankara – Dubai
Jab Showroom / İstanbul
Zorlu Residence Foyer

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