Architecture of Finesse – Interior Architect Yeşim Kozanlı

It all started with a single stone in my hand, the birth of my project. It was my first field trip, I was looking at the local rocks wondering about their colors and textures. I picked a handful of pebbles then let them slip through my fingers leaving this single stone in my palm.

I kept it throughout the project like a talisman. In fact, the very idea of this work had been born with it. It is the reason we did not use any color other than the ones that belong to Side area and its surroundings. The first guest to arrive will observe the seamless harmony of the hotel with the horizon, right from their eye level to the sea. Our concept was to use water, sand and stones in a perfect way to reflect their harmony on people’s souls. The goal for the Finesse Project was to create a healing environment, a haven of well-being and peace. Decorating our rooms, we followed the same rule; using colors in harmony with the surroundings to emanate a feeling of utmost peace without any visual, over-the-top stimuli. We wanted our guests to wake up feeling rested and happy, then go out of their room to walk through the sand all the way to the beach or jump into their private pools. The main idea of Finesse Project is to create spaces that encompass water, light and shadows. Our aim is that our guests, even under the shadows can feel the energy of the sunlight with thanks to the architectural elements. To summarize Finesse, it is a Project of vast spaces that evoke a feeling of relaxing and comforting spaciousness. It is simple, no eyesore type distractions, fully integrated with the nature and colors of its surroundings. Utterly relaxing and beautifully fun.

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